Not Just The Usual Suspects

Not Just The Usual Suspects

As the sole importer of Intracare products to the UK, Quill Productions are always looking to provide quality and value for money to its customers. With that in mind, we thought we should share with you the additional benefits from some of the Intracare products.

It has been widely advertised and spoken about, the benefits of Hoot-fit for cattle and how it can eradicate digital dermatitis from a herd. However, it is not widely known that Hoof-fit has a variety of benefits for horse hooves.

With natural ingredients such as aloe vera, Hoof-fit can stimulate the growth of new cells and assist in the healing of any wounds, shortening recovery time. It sticks to the hoof and penetrates deep into the tissue and cells meaning that a little bit goes a long way.

Intracare has also just published its findings for Intra Calferol. Usually used for birds, whether game or poultry, to provide them with additional calcium to strengthen their bones and eggs. it has now comes to light that the use of Calferol in pigs is reducing the rate of stillborn piglets and increasing the weight of the live born piglets.

Click here to see the full report 

It's clear to see that the quality of these products far exceeds others on the market and lines up with the core values and ethos of us here at Quill Productions.

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