New Game Farmers' Association Advice on Bird Flu

New Game Farmers' Association Advice on Bird Flu


Yesterday the Game Farmers Association issued new Government  and industry endorsed guidance on protecting against Bird Flu as they predict that outbreaks are unlikely to decline.

Last year  there were 13 confirmed outbreaks in kept flocks and also in 45 wild birds in 26 different locations. We all need to protect ourselves  to avoid the devastating impact this can have on our birds and business, and the primary method is to improve your bio-security. 

As the GFA puts it: "Particular attention should be paid to thorough cleaning and disinfection of clothing, footwear, vehicles and equipment when moving and mixing birds.... Use footbaths containing government-approved disinfectant products, which should also be used for all other disinfection tasks."

Many of our products have been particularly designed with bio-security and affordability in mind; our unique covered boot dip with built in brushes is designed to save you time, prevent the dilution and degradation of your disinfectant through rainwater and blown debris.

As leading bio-security specialists within the game bird industry, we have many years experience of putting together bio-security protocols for some of the biggest farms in the country.  From indentifying critical control points through to advising on DEFRA approved disinfectants and products as well as cleaning procedures.

Here at Quill, we agree with the GFA when they say 'Bio-security is not just a physical barrier, it’s a way of thinking too; work it out and take appropriate action now'. It should be at the heart of your farm and the centre of your thinking.

So don't put off this essential part of your game bird business. Contact us today to find out how we can help you prevent disease at wallet friendly prices.

Click Here to Read the GFA Advice

Until next time - Stay Ahead of the Game!


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