How to Eradicate Digital Dermatitis

How to Eradicate Digital Dermatitis

During the warm and dry summer months, treating dairy cows for digital dermatitis will be the last thing on a farmer’s mind and seem like an unnecessary expense.

However, getting ahead of the game and factoring this into your herd’s health plan will pay dividends for the autumn and winter months.

Just because you can’t see digital dermatitis doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. Farmers who continue to foot bath or foot spray during the summer months will see a reduction in digital will see a reduction in severe individual cases come the wetter months, saving money in terms of better milk yields as well as improving welfare.

Keeping hooves in good condition through preventative foot spraying or bathing will also help reduce lameness caused through hot and dry summer months.

One of our customers, a dairy farmer on heavy clay ground, has all but eradicated digital dermatitis from his farm by using our Hoof Fit treatment programme, even in summer. Now several years down the line, he very rarely gets a digital dermatitis case, even in winter.

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