Effective Cleaning of Equipment & Rearing Units - What's the fuss about foaming cleaners?

Effective Cleaning of Equipment & Rearing Units - What's the fuss about foaming cleaners?

Did you know that over cleaning with a high pressure washer can cause aerial transmission of pathogens such as bacteria and viruses? The solution? Simple! Replace the mechanical energy of the water washers by chemical energy in the form of a low pressure detergent system and prevent the droplets being created in the first place.

This can be accomplished by a foam cleaner.

The objective is to apply the foaming detergent to all surfaces of the housing and equipment to soften organic soiling and trap any particles. Because the detergent creates high density foam in the foaming lance, the nozzle pressure of the water jet is reduced and no droplets are formed. In addition, the foam allows very rapid application of the detergent - up to three times faster than simple high pressure water application and with consequent reduction in water consumption and application time. After 20 minutes contact time, the foam will collapse onto the building or equipment surface and this effectively allows all dirt and organic material to be removed using a low pressure rinse.

The latest advance in cleaning systems now involves the use of detergent gel technology where a specialised formulation creates a shear thickening solution - effectively "sticky" foam which adheres even better to surfaces and so increases contact between the detergent and the substrate, even better than foam alone.

Gel cleaning in livestock housing promises to be the best way to deal with the heavier soiling found in situations such as pig farms, where the fat and protein deposits commonly coating the surfaces of such farms responds better to gels than foams. If formulated with a powerful alkali, the gel reacts better with the fat deposits because it adheres to a vertical surface or wall much more efficiently.


Using Intra Powerfoam on the Quill Tank Drinker | Cleaning with foam

The application of a detergent by gel cleaning formulations prior to the disinfection phase can therefore be seen as more efficient and effective in terms of removal of heavy organic material, with all the speed and efficiency benefits of standard foaming systems. Without adequate cleaning, the disinfection of poorly cleaned buildings is a recipe for disaster and offers no protection. Contamination of one crop to the next becomes inevitable. Gel cleaning using a properly formulated, tested and proven detergent is therefore the most modern and the ideal way for producers to evade a major source of livestock infection and improve farm turn around efficiency.

Finally, once the now thoroughly cleaned house or equipment has been allowed to dry, it can be disinfected using an appropriate biocide.

Clean! After using Intra Powerfoam

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