Cleaning drinkers and feeders – save time and money

Cleaning drinkers and feeders – save time and money

For game farmers or shoots who rear their own pheasants and partridge, it is nearly the time to thoroughly clean the game rearing equipment before being stored away for a few months.  It won’t be long until the feeders, drinkers and chick trays are back out after the shooting season but worthwhile getting it done now.

Cleaning end of season game rearing supplies can seem like a long, back breaking and unpleasant task.  The most common way is to use a foaming cleaner with a power washer.   It is very effective, especially on large feeders.  It can be annoying on smaller equipment; no one likes chasing a manola hat around the yard on a windy day with a foaming lance!  To save time and money, read on for what I use on my own shoot.

It is very rare to find me doing any washing up (the wife would say pigs would fly first), except when it comes to my rearing equipment.  I store it away clean and I then disinfect it at the start of the rearing season, just before use.

The easiest way I’ve found is a good old fashioned soaking method.

I use a large cleaning tank (which we make to order with an outlet and a lid) and an Evans Vanodine product, S.B.T which is an incredibly cheap cleaner at around £30 ex VAT per can, incredibly good value!

I fill up the cleaning tank with water and add half a can of SBT, add my equipment, leave to soak for a few hours and then rinse with a hose pipe. Simples.  The SBT liquid does all the work for you and it saves so much time, getting off even caked on dried muck and poo.  Occasionally I might use a brush to help shift a really thick bit but on the whole the equipment comes out looking like new.

The cleaning tanks are also a good height to work from, there is a ledge where you can leave the brush and they have a large capacity (about 30 quill drinkers or even full sized crates).

The SBT liquid lasts for ages as it doesn’t degrade with muck in it, so you can get many repeated dips out of one solution.  However, I would recommend some PPE such as gloves or goggles as it is pretty strong stuff.

Happy cleaning.

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