Biosecurity Advice- Protecting your game birds

Biosecurity Advice- Protecting your game birds

Recent developments mean it has recently been make or break for the Game Industry. The outbreak of AI (Bird Flu) has devastated some shoots and game rearing operations. To ensure your set up is protected from Avian Influenza and reduce other infections, good biosecurity is essential. Make it your priority in all stages of a game bird's life to reduce loss, increase welfare and increase profits.

1. The Laying Hen

  • Make sure you invest in high quality feed
  • Ensure you have a clean nesting area

2. Incubators and Hatching

  • Clean and disinfect eggs before they enter the incubator
  • Plan and execute a robust cleaning and disinfecting programme

3. Young Chicks

  • Check the hygiene of all your water sources for contamination - tanks, rain water recycling etc
  • Deliver bacteria free water from hour one, day one
  • Introduce Nipple Drinkers to reduce the risk of cross contamination
  • If you do use open water drinkers, a water acidifier is ESSENTIAL!
  • Look at your biosecurity around the rearing shed and make any necessary improvements like adding boot dips
  • Immune Support from the beginning with a water supplement and hygiene programme. Contact us to discover how we can be of help from as little as 3p per pheasant

4. Rearing without Stress

  • Enough Feeders 
  • Enough Drinkers 
  • Enough Heaters 
  • Reduce disease pressure
  • Continue with your biosecurity measures between pens - make sure ALL visitors use your Boot Dips!

5. Unavoidable Stress

  • Bitting and Catching Up
  • Immune Support is essential at this stage

6. Transport and Release

  • Continue immune support with a tonic like Quill Boost
  • Acidify Bell Drinkers and open water sources if using them in release pens
  • Undertake a disinfection programme of crates

7. Second Stage Rearing (In release pens to maturity)

  • Continue your immune support programme
  • Check your water is bacteria free
  • Ensure you have enough feeders and drinkers - including in game strips
  • Reduce disease pressure through control of predators and pen size

8. Cleaning, Disinfecting and Maintenance

  • Laying pens
  • Incubators and Hatchers
  • Chick Pens
  • Night Shelters
  • Feeder, Drinkers and other equipment


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