Are Sachets of Powdered Disinfectant a Waste of Money?

Why a well known pink powder disinfectant isn't all it's cracked up to be, why you might be wasting your money if you use it and what you should do use instead.


 Read the full report HERE or check out the results below:-

Multi-Des GA provides a protective residual action against bacteria for 3 days, whilst the well known powdered disinfectant lasts less than 24 hours:-




The pink powdered disinfectant quickly loses it's ability to protect against disease causing bacteria in dirty conditions (e.g. foot dips) whereas Multi-Des GA continues to kill bacteria:-

  virkon s results in direty conditions vs multi des

                          (the white spots are bacteria growth)


Multi-Des GA is better for fogging disinfection as it penetrates deeply into all cracks and rough surfaces:-

Multi-Des GA             vs      other glutaraldehyde      vs     powdered disinfectant         

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