A Message to the Shooting Society

A Message to the Shooting Society

Coronavirus is having a huge impact on all aspects of life, especially the effects it is likely to have on the upcoming shooting season. It is early days for us all, but I wanted to let you know that we are fully committed to supporting our industry and everyone within it. Our team are on hand to navigate you through this very difficult time.


For businesses we understand that this time of year is crucial for the upcoming season, with many of you relying heavily upon bookings to offset the costs of hatching and/or rearing chicks/partridges, and with bookings for next year having significantly reduced due to the uncertainty we are facing we wanted to highlight to you what we are doing to help you and remind you how other counties ahead of the United Kingdom are currently doing:


How are other counties doing that are ahead of the United Kingdom. The facts according to the BBC: 

            1. Wuhan, where the outbreak first began has lifted its travel ban earlier this week 
            2. Wuhan are partially lifting its lockdown on the 8th April as only one new case has been reported in over a week
            3. Wuhan had a lockdown for just under three months, if we follow the same path our lockdown would be lifted mid-June
            4. The first person was given an experimental vaccine in the US this week after researchers were allowed to skip the usual rules of performing animal tests first
            5. Natural immunity will happen all be it still a couple of years away


Here is what we are doing to help navigate you through this difficult time:


            1. We would like to offer those in the neighbouring counties (Dorset, Somerset & Cornwall) a complimentary Health Planning Service to help shooting businesses combat this difficult time. Please contact a member of our team for more information. 
            2. Emergency and non emergency Veterinary appointments are still continuing as normal 
            3. Site visits are continuing as usual with all our staff adhering to our biosecurity and Covid-19 policies outlined by the Government 
            4. We are committed to ensuring the safe wellbeing of our staff so we ask that you inform us immediately should you feel any symptoms outlined by the Government, more information can be found on the Gov website linked here:
            5. We have our own warehouse in Dorset, and we have put in place strict safety measures to ensure that our Quill Production team stay safe at work and that all our our products will be delivered safely. To ensure the safety of our staff during this very difficult period, we have introduced social distancing in both our office & warehouse. 
            6. There are currently no restrictions on deliveries but due to social distancing on site, delivery times may be longer then usual 
            7. If you are local to us and would like to collect your order, we ask that you call ahead so we can ensure your items are left in a safe place


On behalf of myself and the team at Quill Productions we thank you for your patience during this difficult time and of course we will continue to review and monitor our policies in line with the government guidelines, and we will update you accordingly. 


We wish you, your employees and families well in the coming weeks and months and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have and queries or questions. 

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