• Having tried other products, I have used Calferol for several years. There is a visible difference after 5 to 7 days when used as Quill advise. I produce far less broken and cracked eggs and a lot more 1st grade. I also observed a calming effect on the birds when using Calferol. It truly is a remarkable product.

    Tristan Powell - 28,000 birds., who rated us 10/10 on .

  • Quill Ultra Dri Powder Disinfectant is a fantastic product as it has a pleasant smell and is affordable. It keeps my chooks free of worms and they have never been in such good condition since I started using this product! I recommend this product to poultry groups via social media.

    Lisa Forrester, who rated us 10/10 on .

  • 2016 was the first year we tried Quill Boost Tonic and we will definitely be using it next year. I have recommended it to other shoots as our birds are stronger with much less disease challenge.

    Mark Robinson, from Babraham Estates, who rated us 10/10 on .

  • The Nipple Tanks Drinkers are fantastic and the best new product on the market for years. I’m using them in my release pens, connected to the mains with a ballcock and they are very easy to use. I’ve not used nipple drinkers before but the birds are getting plenty of water, they aren’t stood around waiting and the ground is very dry underneath, there’s no wastage.

    Robert, from Robert, Encombe Estate, who rated us 10/10 on .

  • I'm a single handed keeper in the Scottish Borders and just wanted to say how impressed I was with the Quill Lyte Plus, Boost Tonic & Ultra Dri Powder. I used them all this season for the first time amongst some other changes and it's more than halved my losses over the 7 weeks. I reared 12,204 in one big batch that I got from Gib Ocean and came out with 12,002, that's about 1.7% loss and I normally average around 4%. They were probably the best birds I've released and above all else other than Avatec, I used no medication. I will definitely be recommending the products to people in the future, especially the Quill-Lyte Plus and the Boost Tonic.Thanks very much!

    Mr Robert Hemingway, who rated us 10/10 on .

  • We trialled Quill Boost Tonic on one batch of pheasant chicks and one batch of red leg chicks. The outcome over two weeks was that the pheasants averaged 4 grams each weight gain, per week over the control group and the red legs two grams per week. We have also used it on our stock birds and found it to be beneficial when we change their diet or the birds are stressed i.e. moving them. We hope you have plenty in for the coming season, we will need our first delivery by the end of march.

    Raymond Holden, from High-Fly Game Hatcheries Ltd, who rated us 10/10 on .

  • The Hoof Spray System makes treatment of digital dermatitis quick and simple. We all know if it is quick and simple then it gets done. Digital dermatitis cure rates are best if infected cows receive prolonged exposure to effective treatments. Repeated sprays are better than prolonged bandages and this system helps make this a practical reality. Combined with good foot hygiene, regular foot disinfection, heifer foot bathing and effective lame cow treatments, this approach could assist farmers in reducing digital dermatitis infection levels, could help preserve valuable antibiotics and could minimise the amount of copper used on farm.

    Dr Nick Bell, who rated us 10/10 on .

  • It's not often I write and praise a product but I felt after one season using the Quill Drinkers I should do so. The Quill Drinker is everything it says it is. And does exactly everything it says it will...I can, will & do thoroughly recommend the Quill Drinker to anyone with any birds of any age.

    Michael Hart, from Saxby Shoot, who rated us 10/10 on .

  • Last rearing season I tried your Quill Drinkers on Mallard ducklings - WONDERFUL is how I feel I must begin to describe them! Now I have clean water available 24 hrs a day and such a reduction in bedding requirements - saving labour, ducklings staying much cleaner, eliminating losses due to them getting wet and cold.

    Dave Coombes, who rated us 10/10 on .

  • Just a quick note to say how pleased we have been with the Quill nipple drinkers you supplied to us. The product is simple, reliable and easy to use with the flexibility to be moved anywhere within the house.

    Anthony Davey, who rated us 10/10 on .

  • Quill Boost - I've seen a noticed improvement in the growth of both pheasants and partridges and I've used half the amount of Baycox that I normally would. The birds also look like good quality and strong birds.

    Mr J Chapman, from Surefly Game Farm, who rated us 10/10 on .

  • Quill Boost has improved the health of my birds dramatically, already halving my vets bills and reducing mortality rates.

    James Bruno, from Carrington Estates, who rated us 10/10 on .

  • We first purchased these boot dips over 12 months ago for our dairy goat farm. Before that we had tried making our own boot dips as bio security is so important with a dairy goat herd. However after seeing all the local poultry units used Quill boot dips we decided these looked the part and would work so much better than anything we could make. Not only that we could not find anything else as affordable. We have been really impressed with them as they are so quick and easy to use. On farm assurance inspections having Quill boot dips always shows that we take bio security seriously. We have since bought more for other areas on the farm and would recommend them to anyone who needs a good, strong boot dip.

    Diane, from Wychmoor Farm, who rated us 10/10 on .

  • Many thanks for the quick delivery. Intra Multi-Des is an excellent chemical that really does the job.

    Alan, who rated us 10/10 on .

  • Quill Lyte Plus is marvellous stuff. Normally we give our birds a bit of Baycox before and after bitting...This year for the first time, we used your Quill Lyte instead and it worked out brilliantly. We've had very, very minimal losses and they really love it.

    Mr. T. Green, from Headkeeper at Carnanton Shoot, who rated us 10/10 on .

  • Having used Quill Boost Tonic for a number of years with excellent results, I tried a season without it and I won't do it again because the benefits of Quill Boost Tonic are there to see! Water quality is better, consumption improved, growth rate and lower mortality of chicks overall healthier stock I will be using it again without a doubt.

    Darren, from Gamekeeper, Normanton Shoot Paget Estate, Leicestershire, who rated us 10/10 on .

  • The Hoof-fit Spray System - If I use it as I was told to it works and works well!

    Andrew Clarke, who rated us 10/10 on .

  • The Hoof-Spray system works well for me, doesn’t take any longer in the parlour and helps keep on top of the digi.

    Andrew, who rated us 10/10 on .

  • Received with thanks. Fast delivery and in good order, great service!

    Anne, who rated us 10/10 on .

  • I thought a word of congratulation was in order.....I placed my order with you and 24 hours it had made its way from Dorset to me in the wilds of Aberdeenshire. Excellent service, many thanks to all involved.

    Bill, who rated us 10/10 on .

  • Fab service, very impressed with both customer service & delivery, Great Job, Thank you.

    Andy, from Jazzybones, who rated us 10/10 on .


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