Water Sanitisers

Water Sanitisers

An effective water sanitiser containing Hydrogen Peroxide and silver.  Superb at removing harmful biofilm, often the breeding ground for damaging pathogens such as Pythium and Phytopthera. 

**Will not damage crops when used at the recommended rates**


  • Intra Hydrocare For Horticulture

    Intra Hydrocare For Horticulture

    Intra Hydrocare is a unique water sanitiser product with many potential benefits for growers. Intra Hydrocare is a triple-effect water sanitiser based on 50% hydrogen peroxide and chelated silver. Intra Hydrocare has been tested and found to be effective against various micro-organisms and viruses, including Phytophtora, Pithium and Pseudomonas.

    P.O.A - (Price on Application)


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