Water Sanitisers

Water Sanitisers

Often overlooked, the importance of clean water cannot be overstated. Hydrocare is a highly effective Hydrogen Peroxide and silver water sanitiser that has over 15 years proven track record as being the most effective water treatment product in the UK for cleaning water lines in pig houses. It effectively removes biofilm and kills bacterias within water systems. The unique silver formulation allows the Hydrocare to work longer than other water treatment products and is safe to use when animals are present.


  • Intra Hydrocare 1 litre

    Intra Hydrocare 1 litre

    HYDROCARE - The most effective water system cleaning product available.

  • Intra Hydrocare - 10 & 20 litres

    Intra Hydrocare - 10 & 20 litres

    Intra Hydrocare - The most effective stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide water sanitiser available.



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