Water Sanitisers

Water Sanitisers

Hydrocare is the ultimate material for managing disease and bacteria in drinkers and water.  Hydrocare is a stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide with colloidal silver - a disinfectant in its own right.  Hydrocare not only kills free flowing bacterias in the water supply, it also destroys biofilm - often the breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

A rate of 1ml in 10ltrs of water makes Hydrocare a very cost effective product.


  • Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips (100)

    Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips (100)

    Test strips for quickly and easily checkingthe strength range of your Hydrocare solution.

  • Intra Hydrocare - 10 & 20 litres

    Intra Hydrocare - 10 & 20 litres

    Intra Hydrocare - The most effective stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide water sanitiser available.

  • Intra Hydrocare 1 litre

    Intra Hydrocare 1 litre

    HYDROCARE - The most effective water system cleaning product available.



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