Vermin Traps

Vermin Traps

Rats, Mice & Other Vermin

To control rats, mice, squirrels and other vermin, choose from our range of spring traps, mouse traps, snares, mole scissor traps, rat traps, snap traps.

The Quill Vermin Trap Box, designed to hold a Mark 4 Fenn Trap, is a safe and effective way to catch rats, squirrels, stoats and weasels. The new design is a cost effective and longer lasting alternative to traditional wooden trap boxes. Importantly, the unique side-loading design makes setting the spring trap easier and safer.  The green coloured trap can be surrounded by soil and undergrowth to camouflage with its surroundings.

If you prefer a more humane method of pest control, choose from our live catch traps and larsen traps. A range of sizes are available, including live traps for squirrels, mink rabbits and magpies.

An alternative to trapping is the use of rodenticides, such as rat baits and mouse and rat poison. Black Pearl Mouse Killer is an extremely popular and effective choice for controlling a mouse problem. It kills rodents after a single feed and there is no chance of resistance being build against it. Sapphire Paste and Sapphire Grain is another popular choice; the mix of cereals with attractant ensures that it is rapidly taken, controlling infestations within days.

Please note: we are unable to ship baits outside of the UK.

Rodenticides are often used in conjunction with bait boxes or hoppers, in order to keep the poisons out of reach of non target species.  Trap boxes, such as the Quill Vermin Trap Box can also work well as bait boxes.

Click here to read about Trap Legislation changes in Scotland.


  • Budget Fox Snare (10/pack)

    Budget Fox Snare (10/pack)

    Budget Fox Snare - Pack of 10

  • Easy Set Mouse Trap (pk of 2)

    Easy Set Mouse Trap (pk of 2)

    Easy set mouse trap, pre-baited for indoor and outdoor use

  • Fox Grid (galvanised pheasant pop hole)

    Fox Grid (galvanised pheasant pop hole)

    This galvanised Fox Grid is specifically designed to stop pheasants shying away from entering the release pen pop holes.  Made in UK, excellent quality and price.

  • Fox Snare (10/Pack)

    Fox Snare (10/Pack)

    Fox Snare (10/Pack)

  • Larsen Trap - Double Catch Top Entry

    Larsen Trap - Double Catch Top Entry

    Larsen Trap - Double Catch Top Entry

  • Larsen Trap Spare Springs

    Larsen Trap Spare Springs

    Larsen Trap Spare Springs

  • MK4 Fenn Spring Trap

    MK4 Fenn Spring Trap

    A genuine and legal MK4 Fenn Trap - Made in Britain

  • Mole Scissor Trap

    Mole Scissor Trap

    Mole Scissor Trap

  • Quill Feeder Stand

    Quill Feeder Stand

    The Quill Feeder Stand compromises two hollow semi-circle segments which are made from strong and durable plastic, use one way up for the Quill Feed Bin Kit and the other way up for the Quill Midi Feeder.

  • Rabbit Snares (10/pack)

    Rabbit Snares (10/pack)

    Rabbit Snares -8 Strand PACK OF 10

  • Quill Vermin Trap Box

    Quill Vermin Trap Box

    Vermin Trap Box, Rat Trap Box and Squirrel Trap Box

    Designed to be used with a Mark 4 spring trap (fenn trap not included). You can also bait the box under the fenn trap.

  • MK6 Fenn Trap

    MK6 Fenn Trap

    Genuine and legal MK6 Fenn Trap - Made in Britain



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