Top Gun Game Feed

Top Gun Game Feed

Top Gun Game Feed is a division of GLW Feeds Ltd.  All products are manufactured at the same feed mill in Leicestershire. GLW feed has the milling experience and nutritional knowledge to manufacture the finest quality feeds for game birds. 

Top Gun believes that energy density is more important than crude protein.  Excess protein leads to loose droppings and reduced growth.  Energy dense diets ensure the birds can gain energy quickly and so need to consume less.

Benefits of Top-Gun Game Feed:

Carefully selected ingredients ensure that birds achieve optimum growth rates, optimum development and improved gut health

GameGuard  - A natural and antibiotic free product that promotes intestinal health, by regulating bacterial flora, improving gut development and improving mineral absorption

Reprofish - Supplies energy in a readily available form, reducing the use of muscle protein, thus resulting in a fitter and stronger bird. A product based on the essential features of fishmeal. It has the benefits of fishmeal, and eliminated the negative effects of this ingredient. Research has proven that Reprofish ensures bird performance. 

Protected Organic Minerals  - Improves the uptake of added minerals and key vitamins

Always made from high quality raw materials, consistently throughout the season.  Least cost formulates are not used in our rations.

Top Gun do not formulate to nutritional tolerances - what they declare is exactly what you get

Top Gun contains a balanced mix of cereals to provide a range of energy sources, avoiding reliance on a single cereal such as wheat

Open Formulations - Unlike other feed manufacturers, Top Gun are completely open about  exactly what is in their feed

All bag lorries are equipped with their own forklifts 

For more information and prices please contact us on 01258 818239


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