Quill Productions in the Sheep Farming Industry

At Quill Productions we supply a range of health care, biosecurity products and farm supplies for agricultural industries.

Our product range for sheep farming includes foot care products, fly control, feed and biosecurity products.  We also offer a wide variety of general farm supplies, including workwear, protective clothing and fencing supplies.

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Quill Productions is the sole importer of Intracare products to the UK.  Intracare have developed a unique range of products focused on curing and preventing digital dermatitis, foot rot and other hoof ailments in cattle and sheep. The Hoof-fit programme comprises of a highly effective, safe, comprehensive and proven range of products, that act as an alternative to outdated methods. Intracare Hoof-fit has proven to be safer, cheaper and more successful than other hoof care products including Formalin Copper Sulphate and expensive antibiotics. Several of our customers have also used the Hoof-fit Gel as a treatment for Orf, with great success.

The latest addition to the Intra Hoof-fit product range is Repiderma, a user-friendly variant of the antibiotic-free Hoof-fit Gel. Repiderma is a skin care product with immediate effect.  The active ingredients are chelated minerals which - unlike traditional minerals - can be absorbed easily by the skin. 

Another effective product is the Quill Foot Bath Trough; a light weight and durable plastic trough, ideal for preventative foot bath treatments.  Raised plastic 'bumps' in the base of the trough provide good grip and the double walled plastic ensures that it is strong and durable. The plastic foot bath is light weight and easy to handle, making foot treatment more portable.

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