Plastic Rotational Moulding

Plastic Rotational Moulding

Many of the unique products designed by Quill Productions are manufactured using the rotational moulding method. In 2009, Quill Productions took the decision to invest in its own plastic moulding machinery, to gain more control of the manufacturing process and to meet customer demand for products. It is now possible for the company to closely monitor the quality of the products being produced, whilst keeping costs and therefore prices to customer, at a minimum.

Three skilled members of our Quill Productions team work full time to manufacture the range of plastic products. Each product is made in the rotary moulding machine, left to cool and then removed prior to being finished and inspected, according to the design.

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The process begins by selecting the required rotary mould and fixing it in place. A carefully measured amount of plastic powder is poured slowly into each mould. As the mould warms, the powder melts and turns to liquid which sticks to the sides of the mould. By continuously rotating on different axes, the liquid plastic is spread evenly, ensuring a uniform thickness throughout the product. The rotary mould is cooled slowly as it continues to rotate. Once the product is cold, it shrinks slightly away from the metal mould, which can be opened to reveal the finished item.

Whilst the process of rotational moulding is quite labour intensive, it s a relatively low cost option which produces quality products with little waste. A wide range of products can be made using the rotary moulding method, both for the home and for specialist engineering or industrial products. The rotary moulding machine at Quill Productions creates the following products:

• Quill Drinker

• Mini Quill Drinker

• Quill Feed Bin Kit

• Quill Midi Feeder

• Quill Vermin Trap

• Garden Quill Drinker

• Laying Boxes

• Quill Boot Dip

• Header Tanks

• Quill Trail Feeder

• Quill Feeder Stands

Contract Rotational Moulding:

Due to the high capacity of the machine, Quill Productions also welcomes contract rotary moulding business and currently moulds products for several other companies. The range of products being moulded ranges from Kayaks to parts of plastic portable toilets.

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