Quill Productions in the Pig Industry

The Quill hygiene package offers a complete bio-security solution for the pig industry. Key products for the pig industry include:

Intra Hydrocare: This highly effective product cleans the bio-film from water lines effectively, safely and easily even when the pigs are present.

Aqua Acid: A water based mineral additive which promotes gut health and digestion. Organic acid mixture which kills salmonella and e-coli bacteria in the water line. 

Quill Boot Dip – A unique product that we have designed and manufacture as an essential bio-security aid. 

Fly control Products – At Quill Productions we believe in a preventative approach in regards to fly control. It is focussing on ways to stop flies from entering buildings, rather than just eliminating them when they do.

As part of the Quill Protexion package, customers are advised on the specific products and amounts of each, needed to protect at a bio security level.  The comprehensive hygienic solution includes cleaners, disinfectants, insecticides and pest control products.  When products are bought directly from Quill Productions, all advice and support is offered completely free of charge. By advising customers how they can easily ensure bio security themselves, Quill Protexion eliminates the need for outside contractors; reducing costs and increasing bio security even further.  

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