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July 2016 - iShoot Editorial - Quill Outdoor Tank Drinker & Water Hygiene

Incase you didn't see our double page spread about the NEW Quill Outdoor Tank Drinker and the importance of water cleanliness, click the following link to read it:

Quill Outdoor Tank Drinker Editorial

June 2016 - Livestock Event 2016

Are you attending the Livestock Event this year? Quill Productions will be located on stand number BM286, pop by and see us!

June 2016 - Rat Bait Legislation

Due to old labelling on bait products, we can continue to sell larger amounts of bait without the required certification as previously stated. We will keep you updated as to when you will require certification to purchase rat bait 1.5kg and above.

April 2016 - Pig & Poultry Fair

Come and see us at the Pig & Poultry Fair at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire on 10th & 11th May. Quill Productions will be on Stand 93 s ocome and speak to our specialists and meet Evans Vanodine.

April 2016 - Regulator Recall - Infraconic Brooders

Clesse Industries, the manufacturers of gas regulators, are recalling regulators in the product family BP1803 if they are used outside and made between June 2010 and September 2015.  There have been some instances of regulators failing in certain operational and environmental conditions.

Following registration and identification, Clesse will process and supply replacement regulators free of charge.

We understand from speaking to Clesse that this will either be by a gas engineer visiting to swap over regulators or if customers sign a disclaimer, the replacements can be shipped to the customer for the customer  to fit the regulators.

Further information can be found on the registration website: or by calling the recall helpline 0800 088 5545. 

However, we found that the poster displayed for UK users only displays regulator model BP1803.  However, the poster displayed for French users shows other models including the family of Clesse 455 regulators.

Clesse have kindly supplied us with a copy of their step by step identification guide for their call centre staff which is available here and will help you identify if your regulators are part of the recall.

The guide shows that regulator model 455C is included in the recall.  This is a regulator used with Infraconic 1500 and Infraconic 5000 brooders.  In summary, if your regulators are used outside, are model 455C and made between June 2010 and September 2015, they will be part of the recall.

It is only the regulator which will be recalled, not the extra nut, nipple and red gasket; a diagram is available here.

We urge everyone to use the step by step guide to check all their regulators.


May 2015 - Quill's first video tutorial!

As extra customer support, what better way to explain to you how unique our products are and how to use them, than showing you how we ourselves set them up via video tutorials. We are endeavoring to create a series of videos giving advice and top tips, so watch this space for more coming soon!

This video shows how Graham sets up a partridge chick pen using the Quill Drinker, it was incredible to see how quickly the chicks were able to find the nipples! Clean water is absolutely vital in those first few days of a chick's life, the Quill Drinker eliminates cross contamination through the drinking water leaving gut development unhindered.

Trials have proved that providing birds with clean water can significantly improve the bird's health as well as your profits. The Quill Drinker is the ONLY nipple system that oscillates, it is this movement attracts the birds and provides them with a chase factor, reducing boredom and therefore feather pecking in all types and ages of game bird.

The other unique feature of the Quill Drinker is the Rainbow Valve. The spring automatically closes the valve if the drinker is knocked out of position, therefore shutting off the water flow and avoids the potential risk of flooding. No other valve on the market has this feature!

If you have any questions at all please give us a call on 01258 818239.  


April 2015 - Calling All Dairy Farmers

On 7th May we shall be at the Grassland UK Show at Shepton Mallet, demonstrating our Quill Hoof Spray System and showing the Intracare Hoof-fit range of products. Gertrude, our resident cow, will be in attendance so do come along and find out how we can help you cure digital dermatitis. You'll find us on stand 177 in field 10. We look forward to seeing you



April 2015 - Cattle Lameness Conference

We were pleased to sponsor the Cattle Lameness Conference held in Worcester on 22nd April 2015.

Arranged by The Dairy Group in conjunction with the Royal Veterinary College and the University of Nottingham, the conference offered a diverse range of topics and speakers discussing lameness in Cattle.

From our own point of view, the Quill Hoof-Spray System is the way forward in tackling digital dermatitis in the milking parlour. Further details can be found under the Dairy Cattle/Hoof Care section of our website. Do please take the time to read it if you love your Dairy Cattle.




On Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th April, Graham and Steve will be manning our stand at the BASC Gamekeepers' Fair at Catton Park in Derbyshire.

Many of our innovative Quill products will be on display including our patented Quill Drinker. Launched in 2002, the Quill Drinker has revolutionalised the way we provide our game birds with water. At the show Graham will very much be focusing on the importance of water quality during rearing. After lunch on both days he will be giving a talk on hygienic water explaining the benefits of the Quill Drinker and the importance of cleaning your water lines with Hydrocare. Don't miss it!



March 2015 - WCLA Conference

Well, what an exciting day we had yesterday at the WCLA Spring conference! Thank you to all who visited our stand, we were really pleased to meet new and existing clients.

Some of the popular products included the Calferol and the Hydrocare. People were very interested in the health benefits of the Calferol and how it helps to keep the calcium balance of the birds at an optimum level, along with working to ensure strong bone formation and good egg shell quality. The Hydrocare was also popular, with it being highly effective and extremely simple to use, people loved how it can remove organic contamination and manganese deposits from their entire watering system from the point of injection to the end of the line.

We would like to Thank the speakers at the event, Steve C sat in on all the talks which he found very interesting and thought provoking. The cream tea also went down very well...!


March 2015 - WCLA Conference - Look out for us!

We are very excited to have a stand at The West Country Layers Association (WCLA) Conference at Exeter racecourse on Wednesday 11th March. The theme of the conference will be focused on "Health Benefits of Eggs". A variety of speakers from the the industry will be undertaking talks including Steve Pritchard, a Nutritional Consultant from Premier Nutrition, Rebecca Tonks, an Independant Producer from St Ewe Eggs and Sara Gibbins from MD Didier's, a sector of Noble Foods.

We will be taking with us, a range of water sanitisers, organic acids and vitamins. These water-based products, alongside our other cleaners and disinfectants, have become an integral part of Quill Productions.

To ensure livestock birds have the best start in life, bio security is not something that can be put at risk. We will be able to talk you through the benefits of each of our products, the best solution for your bio security needs and how Quill Productions can reduce your costs and provide a complete hygienic solution. There will also be opportunity to talk through the feed suppliments that we offer. Using these in the bird's water provide many extra health benefits.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Feb 2015 - Game Feed

Once again we are pleased to be able to offer quality Game Feed from three top manufacturers.

GLW Top Gun Game Feed

Haygates Game Feed

Massey Country Game Feed (SW England only)

We welcome the opportunity to help you find the right feed for your requirements at very competitive prices. Our Game Feed Specialist Steve Crocker will be happy to discuss the best options for you.

Office Tel: 01258 818239

Mobile: 07789 220307 


Feb 2015 - The Great British Shooting Show

Thank you to all who attended our stand at The Great British Shooting Show at Stonleigh over the weekend. Our Quill Vermin Trap Boxes created great interest with their unique side loading design. Record rat numbers are being suggested after an ideal breeding season and we are able to provide a rapid and humane solution to the problem.

The show provided an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate the advantages of our labour saving Quill Feed Bin Kit and versitile Quill Midi Feeder, both innotive designs from Quill Productions. As always, prospective customers were keen to hear about the advantages the Quill Drinker can provide when rearing game birds. The necessity for clean, hygienic water cannot be overstated. More details can be found in the "Drinkers" section of our website.



8th July 2014 - Quill Hoof-Spray System WINS RABDF Award

British company Quill Productions has been awarded the RABDF Livestock Machinery and Equipment Award at the recent Livestock Event, for its innovative Quill Hoof-Spray System.  The prestigious award is presented to the product which is considered to be of most economic importance to the livestock industry.

The Quill Hoof-Spray System is a revolutionary new system to tackle digital dermatitis.  Designed for use in the milking parlour, the new system allows Intra Hoof-fit Spray Liquid to be applied to hooves, without the need for lifting the feet.  Use of the lever operated spray gun with stainless steel adjustable nozzle, allows fast, targeted application in less than 3 seconds per hoof.

The Quill Hoof-Spray System is an extremely effective and economical way to tackle digital dermatitis.  Once the system has been installed, the routine application of Intra Hoof-fit Spray Liquid costs as little as 20p per month, for each cow.

This system replaces many current foot bathing or hoof care products, often resulting in product cost savings.  These savings are in addition to the significant advantages gained from reducing lameness, both from an economic and animal welfare perspective.

“The entry was a clear winner,” commented RABDF council member, Angus Wielkopolski chairman of the three-strong judging team. “We were impressed by the very practical and cost effective system which uses minimal quantities of liquid and has been proven to be highly effective.”

The first dairy farmers to have used the system are finding that cases of digital dermatitis have dropped dramatically; the disease has almost been completely eradicated from their farms.

"In the past we have always used Formalin footbaths but could never really get on top of Digital Dermatitis.  Since using the Quill Hoof-Spray System, we have seen outstanding results, our cases of DD have dropped dramatically - in fact it has almost gone completely. The system is very simple and fast to use; it only takes a couple of seconds to spray the hooves.  It is now part of our routine."

James Yeatman - Dairy Farmer (Dorset)

RABDF created the award to recognise the importance of machinery and equipment to the current and future profitability of the livestock farming industry. The judges appraised each entry’s innovation, its economic advantages to the farmer, running costs including replacement parts and prices, servicing requirements, safety features, energy usage, potential market and list price.

Graham Crocker, Managing Director of Quill Productions commented,

" We are thrilled to win this prestigious award.  Having spent many years as a dairy farmer myself, I am very aware of the huge impact that digital dermatitis is having on the industry and I'm passionate about finding ways to eradicate it. The Quill Hoof-Spray System is a totally new concept and the result of a successful collaboration with Ambic Equipment."

- END -

June 2014 - Livestock Event 2014

Quill Productions will be exhibiting at the Livestock Event on 2nd-3rd July 2014, at the NEC Birmingham.  The new Quill Hoof-Spray System will be showcased for the first time, with a working unit available for demonstrations. 

We are delighted that the Quill Hoof-Spray System has been shortlisted for the RABDF Livestock Machinery & Equipment Award and the pretigious Prince Philip Award, both of which will be judged and announced at the show.



February 2014 - Quill Hoof Spray System

The Quill Hoof-Spray System is a revolutionary new system designed to tackle digital dermatits in the milking parlour.

 Click Here For Press Release

January 2014 - Game Feed

For 2014 we are pleased to be offering the finest Game Feed from 3 excellent manufacturers:

GLW Top Gun Game Feed

Heygates Game Feeds

Massey Country Game Feeds (SW England only)

By offering feed from a range of producers, we hope to support you in finding the right feed for you; meeting your exact requirements, at very competitive prices.

With a wealth of knowledge of the feed industry, our Game Feed Specialist, Andy Langlands, is on hand to give advice and discuss the best options for you.

Office: 01258 818239

Andy Langlands Mobile: 07917772528



31st May 2013 - PRESS RELEASE: World's first ANTIBIOTIC FREE TREATMENT for Digital Dermatitis

UK VM registration number 41870/4000

Intra Hoof-fit Gel has received official registration from the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), becoming the world's first antibiotic free treatment for Digital Dermatitis (Mortellaro Disease).  Intra Hoof-fit Gel has been created by the Dutch Company Intracare, and is distributed by its UK representative,  Quill Productions.

The revolutionary gel is both effective and sustainable.  Official tests by the Dutch Animal Health Centre proved that Hoof-fit Gel is 1.57 times more effective at treating the disease than the antibiotic CTC spray.

Whilst other official treatments are available, the only alternatives are antibiotics and can only be obtained via  prescription from a veterinary surgeon. Here lies a major advantage of Intra Hoof-fit Gel; since it is antibiotic free, it can easily be purchased and applied as necessary based solely on a farmer's judgement.  Additionally there is no required withdrawal time, so productivity need not be effected.

Since Hoof-fit Gel is now a registered treatment, no alternative off-label products, such as Linco Spectin, should be used to treat Digital Dermatitis, according to the Cascade system.

Graham Crocker, Managing Director of Quill Productions, says:

"The registration of Intra Hoof-fit Gel comes at a time when many producers are being encouraged to limit the use of antibiotics wherever possible. Now there is an effective and affordable way of tackling hoof problems without the risk of antibiotic build up. Finding alternatives to antibiotics in farming has always been a shared focus of Quill Productions and Intracare and this registration is a result of years of research, development and testing."

Whilst only a select few products have been granted registration as official treatments, there are still a number of unproven, unregistered products available.  Many products available are problematic and outdated; they can be harmful to humans, animals and the environment. Some such products cause pain and suffering to animals when applied to open wounds.   The resulting pain and stress to cows is thought to have a detrimental effect on milk production and possibly fertility.

The Intra Hoof-fit range of products are different. Intra Hoof-fit Gel is based upon a combination of chelated minerals and Aloe Vera making it kind to cows feet. Not only does it tackle the infection, but it also starts the healing process, in turn reducing the risk of problems reoccurring.  This is undoubtedly a positive step forward for animal welfare. 

Finally there is a serious alternative to antibiotics that is opening the door to a new generation of hoof care management.

Intra Hoof-fit Gel retails at £19.44 excl VAT for one pot and a brush. One pot treats up to 50 hooves. Available from Quill Productions - or 01258 818239 and selected suppliers throughout the UK.

Intracare will be joining their UK partners, Quill Productions at the Livestock Event 2013.  Visit them on stand BM158 for more information regarding the new registration.



21st May 2013 - Blundstones Now Available

Blundstone, an Australian brand is a well-known and extremely popular make of work boots.  Over the years we have heard many positive comments about Blundstones and after demand from our customers, we decided to add the Blundstone brand to our range.

Blundstone - The Brand

Blundstone is Australia’s best known, most loved and most worn boot brand. Since 1870 Blundstone has made the toughest, no nonsense footwear for work and play. It is known for its iconic elastic sided boots worldwide. Despite growing to become one of the world’s most recognisable boot brands, the Blundstone remains Tasmanian and retains its family values.

Blundstone is the pioneer in enhancing comfort in work and safety boots. All Blundstone footwear incorporates a comfort footbed to cushion and nurture the foot.

Blundstone is committed to continuing to enhance the comfort of our boots and support improved foot health. The company invests heavily in research and development from its base in Hobart and works on collaborative research projects with manufacturing partners around the world, enabling it to access the best and latest technology available.


10th April 2013 - Reducing The Use of Antibiotics in Farming

Farmers are fighting back against the use of antibiotics on all fronts.

The EU has been aware of the widespread use of antibiotics in farming for a long time and it is now taking a stance to try to limit their use.  Farmers are being put under a lot of pressure to reduce the use of antibiotics wherever possible, partly due to two reasons:

  1. The danger of antibiotics entering into the food chain
  2. The build up of disease resistance - a topic that has been in the news a lot recently

With this is mind, farmers across all sectors of the industry are now aware of the importance of developing and sustaining strong immune systems in their animals, so that they are able to fight off minor challenges, without the need for antibiotics.

At Quill Productions we have been adopting knowledge and best practices from the EU by using products manufactured by Intracare, a Dutch company.  Intracare have worldwide knowledge of the sustainability of farming and always look for effective alternatives to outdated practices.

Over the years we have worked closely with our clients and notable vets, including Minster Vets, Bishopton Vets and Crowshall Vets, to put these ideas into practise at farm level.   

 A major change for our clients with dairy cows, has been the way in which they are able to treat digital dermatitis and other hoof ailments. The antibiotic -free range of Hoof-fit products, designed by Intracare, allow claw problems to be managed in a more effective, healthier and sustainable way. All have been developed in close cooperation with dairy farmers, veterinarians, hoof-trimmers and cattle specialists and have been thoroughly field tested.

Not only is Hoof-fit antibiotic free, it can actually be more effective than the antibiotics that many have come to rely on and avoids the risk of resistance build-up. Official tests by the Dutch animal Health Centre proved that Hoof-fit Gel is 1.57 times more effective than the antibiotic CTC spray. It is expected to be registered as a licensed treatment for digital dermatitis in the UK within the forthcoming weeks.

A new addition to the effective Hoof-fit range is Repiderma, a skin protection aerosol spray.  This should totally replace the antibiotic CTC sprays that are currently used on most farm animals.

Another area in which we have been doing extensive work is hatcheries.  Here it has been proven time and time again, that producing healthy chicks without yoke sack infections, really can do away with the need for so many antibiotics.  At one time, all broiler chicks used to receive an antibiotic called Lincospectin as a routine, whether necessary or not; it became a type of insurance.

Together with vets and Intracare, we have worked with our clients to develop water programmes, which greatly improve the birds' immune systems.  This allows the birds to deal with minor challenges to their health in a more natural way.

These water supplement programs, combined with stringent water sanitation, have vastly reduced the chances of birds suffering from enteritis.  Enteritis is a form of stomach upset which, in the past, has been treated with antibiotics by vets.  Some vets use off label antibiotics to treat poultry in cases when perhaps a more prudent approach, such as ensuring a pro-active use of biosecurity, could be taken.

In the pig industry, most people are also fully aware of the need for good water sanitisation.  In addition to effective water sanitisers, many are also using organic acids such as Intra Aqua Acid to combat water pathogens.

The pressure on farmers to produce cheap food has pushed agriculture to increase the use of antibiotics.  However,  our clients have shown that antibiotics are not the always the best option.  The use of hygiene programs and better welfare standards are helping farmers to buck the trend and move away from  antibiotics, often with much better results. 

Graham - Managing Director, Quill Productions



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