Minerals & Organic Acids

Minerals & Organic Acids

As sole importer of Intracare products, we are pleased to stock a range of water acidifiers, Aqua Acid and Nutrimix, suitable for lowering the pH of water to 4.0.

Containing D3, calcium and magnesium, Calferol is a liquid calcium premix for strengthening skeletal growth during crop. 


  • Intra Aqua-Acid

    Intra Aqua-Acid

    Aqua Acid is a formulated blend of organic acids adminstered via drinking water for chicken and pig.

  • Intra Nutri-Mix - Poultry -  (20 Litres)

    Intra Nutri-Mix - Poultry - (20 Litres)

    Intra Nutri-Mix is a high quality liquid poultry supplement which supports the digestive and immune systems.

    By using Intra Nutri-Mix, easily absorbable nutrients are added to the drinking water and feed. Nutri-Mix contains a broad spectrum of active components; high quality essential amino acids and chelated minerals, all dissolved in organic acids.


  • Intra Mineral Zinc

    Intra Mineral Zinc

    Intra MIneral Zinc is a highly effective liquid mineral for immediate visible results!

    P.O.A - (Price on Application)


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