Minerals & Organic Acids

Minerals & Organic Acids

Acidifying pig drinking water offers a 3 pronged approach to water and gut hygiene. 

Pathogens such as Salmonella and E-coli cannot survive at a pH of 4.0

At a pH of 4.0, the water is much more palatable therefore increasing water consumption

The inclusion of copper and zinc help to increase gut health

Aqua Acid is a formulaton of the organic acids Lactic, Proprionic and Formic with the addition of zinc and copper.  Nutrimix offers the addition of essential amino acids which further helps with gut health.



  • Intra Aqua-Acid

    Intra Aqua-Acid

    Aqua Acid is a formulated blend of organic acids adminstered via drinking water for chicken and pig.

  • Intra Nutri-Mix -Pigs - (20 Litres)

    Intra Nutri-Mix -Pigs - (20 Litres)

    Intra Nutri-Mix is a water-based mineral additive which supports the digestive and immune systems. Nutri-Mix is used to:

    • Support animals in stressful situations
    • Prevent diarrhoea
    • Boost productions results
    • Reduce the use of medicines

    By using Intra Nutri-Mix, easily absorbable nutrients are added to the drinking water and feed. Nutri-Mix contains a broad spectrum of active components; high quality essential amino acids and chelated minerals, all dissolved in organic acids.

  • Intra Mineral Zinc

    Intra Mineral Zinc

    Intra MIneral Zinc is a highly effective liquid mineral for immediate visible results!

    P.O.A - (Price on Application)


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