Minerals & Organic Acids

Minerals & Organic Acids Aqua Acid is ideal for lowering the pH of water to a pH of 4.0. Economic rate of use means that the product can be used every day.

Nutrimix also lowers the pH of water, but the addition of essential amino acids makes this the perfect product for helping to repair gut issues. Nutrimix has proven itself time after time for helping birds to recover from any form of medication or vaccination.

Calferol is a liquid calcium premix perfect for helping egg shell quality. Cointing D3, Calcium and magnesium, Calferol is easily absorbed by the hen and quickly converted into useable energy to aid shell quality.


  • Intra Aqua-Acid

    Intra Aqua-Acid

    Aqua Acid is a formulated blend of organic acids adminstered via drinking water for chicken and pig.

  • Intra Nutri-Mix - Poultry -  (20 Litres)

    Intra Nutri-Mix - Poultry - (20 Litres)

    Intra Nutri-Mix is a high quality liquid poultry supplement which supports the digestive and immune systems.

    By using Intra Nutri-Mix, easily absorbable nutrients are added to the drinking water and feed. Nutri-Mix contains a broad spectrum of active components; high quality essential amino acids and chelated minerals, all dissolved in organic acids.


  • Intra Mineral Zinc

    Intra Mineral Zinc

    Intra MIneral Zinc is a highly effective liquid mineral for immediate visible results!

    P.O.A - (Price on Application)


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