Indoor Feeders

Indoor Feeders

Find out the best indoor feeder for your game birds to take your pheasant, partridge or ducks from chicks to poults.  From red chick trays to disposable cardbaord feeders or an indoor Manola or King Feeder to a high capacity Quill Midi Feeder, read on to find out more.

Red plastic chick trays are a cheap and popular option for many.  The low side allows young birds to hop into the tray and the textured surface gives chicks grip underfoot. Unfortunately though, pheasant chicks are able to dust bath, scratch and mess in the chick trays. This inevitably results in a certain amount of the feed being rejected or wasted.

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Alternatively, disposable cardboard chick feeders are a hygienic and labour saving option.  Each feeder holds up to 7Kg of chick feed and eliminates the possibility of waste through dusting. 

To reduce the number of different feeders that you may need, it is also possible to use just the base tray of the Quill Midi Feeder.  The plastic base tray acts just like a normal chick tray, with the advantage of an anti-spill lip.  The Quill Midi Feeder was designed to be flexible; just the tray may be used initially and as the pheasants grow, the main feed tube and top tray or top hat can be added.

After the initial few weeks and as the feed consumption of the pheasant chicks rises rapidly, Manola type feeders or Quill Midi Feeders can then be used.  By this time, the pheasants will recognise where they can source feed in the pen and so the number of feeders may be temporarily reduced.

The longer that pheasant feeders can be used indoors the better; bedding indoors can easily be changed and disinfected but as soon as outside runs become soiled, disease pressure on pheasant poults will build.

To help control vermin around your outdoor feeders, why not use the reversible Quill Feeder Stand? Used with the Quill Vermin Trap Box, it creates an inviting tunnel for rats and squirrels. A trap placed within the box will catch vermin by the head or the neck to ensure rapid and humane dispatch, protecting your feed and saving you money!


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  • Nutra Feeder Spares- Indoor Red Lid

    Nutra Feeder Spares- Indoor Red Lid

    Nutra Feeder Spares - Indoor Lid 

  • Chick Feed Tray

    Chick Feed Tray

    Chick Feed Tray - The original chequered base chick feed tray designed to give chicks grip under foot.

  • Quill Disposable Cardboard Feeder

    Quill Disposable Cardboard Feeder

    Disposable Cardboard Chick Feeder - Now even stronger and more robust these disposable cardboard feeders are ideal for all types of chicks.

  • Nutra 18/20 Feeder

    Nutra 18/20 Feeder

    Nutra Feeder - Manual feeder with a feed quantity regulation system. Comes complete with a plastic cover. For indoor use only. Easy to dismantle/assemble.  Comes without a grill.

  • Quill Midi Feeder - Indoor

    Quill Midi Feeder - Indoor

    The Quill Midi Feeder is a three-part plastic pheasant feeder, designed and manufactured at Quill Productions. Graham, the Managing Director, designed the game bird feeder based on his experience rearing his own pheasants, partridge and duck.                                    

  • Quill Midi Feeder Tray Only

    Quill Midi Feeder Tray Only

    Quill Midi Feeder Tray. The cleverly designed feed tray allows birds to feed from the clean surface rather than the disease ridden ground.

  • Quill Feeder Stand

    Quill Feeder Stand

    The Quill Feeder Stand compromises two hollow semi-circle segments which are made from strong and durable plastic, use one way up for the Quill Feed Bin Kit and the other way up for the Quill Midi Feeder.

  • Manola Feeder without rain cover

    Manola Feeder without rain cover

    Manola Feeder without rain cover - A popular feeder for use indoors.

  • King Feeder SPARES - indoor hat only

    King Feeder SPARES - indoor hat only

    A spare indoor top hat for the King Feeder, can be used to convert your Outdoor King Feeder for use inside for game birds or poultry.

  • Quill Midi Feeder Tube only

    Quill Midi Feeder Tube only

    The Quill Midi Feeder tube holds 2 bags of feed.

  • Disko Stands

    Disko Stands

    A Disko Stand is a round platform stand designed to lift feeders and drinkers off the floor and keep the surrounding area dry to avoid the birds standing on wet bedding, the source of many diseases.

  • Nutra 18/20 Feeder - Bottom Cross Only

    Nutra 18/20 Feeder - Bottom Cross Only

    Nutra 18/20 Feeder - Bottom Cross Only



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