Quill Productions in Horticultural Industries

Our commitment to providing innovative solutions and products to different industries led us directly to the horticultural industry; an industry where a knowledge of water hygiene can be invaluable.

As sole importers of Intracare products to the United Kingdom, we are introducing the Horticultural industry to Intra Hydrocare; a unique product with many potential benefits for growers.   Intra Hydrocare is a triple-effect hygiene product  based on 50% hydrogen peroxide and chelated silver.

  • Disinfectant – Kills micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae, yeasts and viruses
  • Cleaner – Removes bio-film from irrigation systems (often the cause of microbial infections)
  • Produces oxygen – Produces O² in the water and soil, ensuring aeration of the root (hairs)

Intra Hydrocare is a safe and environmentally-friendly product with many benefits for growers.

Hydrocare can be used direclty via the irrigation system to remove biofilm and hence minimise disease incidence.  Hydrocare is also DEFRA approved and can be safely used to disinfect ground cover materials without the risk of corrosion or the smell of peracetic acids. 


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