Foot and Skin Care

Foot and Skin Care

Repiderma is a blend of chelated copper and chelated zinc and is effective at healing shoulder burns or damage from tail biting.  Repiderma will penetrate the skin and heal from the inside out.  Repiderma also has excellent 'sticking' properties.

Repiderma is a non antibiotic treatment that does not require a prescription.


  • Matabi Sprayer

    Matabi Sprayer

    Matabi Sprayer -A robust compact compressed air sprayer, suitable for spraying disinfectants

  • Repiderma - Skin Protection and Hoof Spray

    Repiderma - Skin Protection and Hoof Spray

    Repiderma is a user-friendly, skin protection aerosol spray. It contains adhesive substances, ensuring a longer contact time with the skin. Repiderma is safe and easy to use and is suitable for use on cattle, horses, sheep and pigs.





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