Game Feed

Game Feed


We are pleased to be offering the finest Game Feed from 3 excellent manufacturers:

  • GLW Top Gun Game Feed
  • Heygates Game Feeds
  • Massey Country Game Feeds ( SW England only)

By offering feed from a range of producers we hope to support you in finding the right feed for you, meeting your exact requirements at very competitive prices.

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Top Gun Game Feed

Top Gun Game Feed is a division of GLW Feeds Ltd.  All products are manufactured at the same feed mill in Leicestershire. GLW feed has the milling experience and nutritional knowledge to manufacture the finest quality feeds for game birds. 

Top Gun believes that energy density is more important than crude protein.  Excess protein leads to loose droppings and reduced growth.  Energy dense diets ensure the birds can gain energy quickly and so need to consume less.

Heygates Country Feeds

Heygates Game Feeds are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials at Bugbrooke Mill. They have over 40 years of experience making specialist game feeds and the rations have been developed to be some of the best on the market.

The natural feed additive Avipro is included as standard across the Heygates range of grower and breeder rations.  Avipro is a natural feed additive derived from yeast which improves animal health and performance.  Trials have shown that Avipro reduces scouring and wet litter.  Mortality is lower and growth rates are improved.

Massey County Game Feed

Massey Bros has almost 140 years experience in the animal feed industry. Massey Country Game Feeds have been formulated to meet the specific requirements of breeding and growing game birds – particularly incorporating changes that will help compensate for the absence of Emtryl. As part of their commitment to supplying quality feeds they are accredited to the UKASTA Feed Assurance Scheme.

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