Find pheasant drinker, partridge drinkers and duck drinkers at Quill Productions, manual and automatic including Quill Drinker, the original triangular nipple drinker

It is essential to provide your game birds with a constant supply of clean, hygienic water.  Our comprehensive range of pheasant drinkers and chicken drinkers includes Quill Nipple Drinkers (the original triangular nipple drinker and tank nipple drinkers), Rainbow Bell Drinkers, font drinkers, Dome Master Drinkers, Plasson Breeder drinkers and Stag Drinker and also mini-masters.    We offer drinkers to suit a variety of needs, from game rearers to large estates and game farms.

The Quill Drinker is our own original product, designed using firsthand experience of rearing game birds.  It is a unique triangular nipple drinker that is suitable for pheasants, duck, partridge from chicks to adult birds.  The Quill Drinker is an efficient, labour saving and reliable way to provide game birds and poultry with hygienic and clean water.  We have sent Quill Drinkers all over the world from New Zealand and the United States, to Denmark and France! 


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