Disinfectants, Cleaners & Disinfecting Equipment

Disinfectants, Cleaners & Disinfecting Equipment

Disinfectants and Cleaners

Ensuring an effective clean is a two-step process.  Firstly, debris and organic matter must be cleared from the surface. It is then vital to penetrate and remove the grease layer which harbours harmful bacteria. Portable or removable equipment may be dipped in a solution of S.B.T. which is a Sodium Hydroxide solution without the foaming properties of detergents for cleaning animal housing.  At Quill Productions we offer a wide selection of effective detergents and farm prewash, suitable for cleaning equipment, vehicles, animal housing, milking parlours, glasshouses and food production areas.

Only once an effective detergent has removed the grease layer, is a disinfectant able to work to its full potential.  A broad spectrum Defra approved disinfectant, such as Intra Multi-Des GA can then be used to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. Intra Multi-Des GA is extremely versatile and effective, with a long residual action of 10 days.  The low dilution rate also makes it very economical.

Disinfection is the destruction of harmful micro-organisms. It is not the destruction of all micro organisms, but a reduction in numbers to an acceptable level, a level not harmful to health.

Each disinfectant active has a different mode of action and therefore a different spectrum of kill. Some are better than others at killing, and some products have disadvantages which outweighs the advantages.

For animal health - a full spectrum kill is required. (Virucidal Bactericidal, Fungicidal and Sporicidal), however the use of the pure active material is not enough. Disinfectants need to be formulated to be most effective and to prevent inactivation. We promote a range of disinfectants that contain;

Wetting Agents - Surfactants for Penetration of soiling and absorbent surfaces as well as

Buffers - to resist water hardness and extremes of PH. 

Both FAM 30 (Iodine) and GPC8 (Gluteraldehyde) are particularly resistant to breaking down when in contact with organic material.


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