Dairy & Cattle

Dairy & Cattle

Quill Productions in the Dairy Industry

Prior to establishing Quill Productions in 2002, the company directors spent many years as dairy farmers.  Although the farm has seen great changes since diversifying, their farming background remains important and ensures an invaluable understanding of the industry.

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Our Dorset based company is the sole importer of Intracare products to the UK.  Intracare have developed a unique range of products focused on curing and preventing digital dermatitis and other hoof ailments in cattle. The range includes foot tape, Hoof-fit products and the unique Intra Footbaths. Intracare Hoof-fit has proven to be safer, cheaper and more successful than other hoof care products including Formalin Copper Sulphate and expensive antibiotics.

The Quill Hoof-Spray System is the winner of the RABDF Livestock Machinery & Equipment Award 2014. It is a revolutionary new system that has been designed specifically as part of the Intra Hoof-fit 3 step Hoof Care; for the use with the Intra Hoof-fit spray Liquid, to tackle digital dermatitis in the milking parlour. 100% antibiotic free, the Quill Hoof-Spray System is more effective and economical than footbathing alone, the lever operated spray gun with stainless steel adjustable nozzle is shaped for easy, targeted application, reducing lameness and can lead to increased milk production and improved calving index.

We are also an agent for Evans Vanodine in the South West, supplying products for cleaning, mastitis control and teat dips.

To complement our range of dairy hygiene products, we also supply a variety of dairy accessories, farm suppliespaper towels and parlour clothing

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