Dairy Cleaners


  • Intra Hydrocare - 10 & 20 litres

    Intra Hydrocare - 10 & 20 litres

    Intra Hydrocare - The most effective stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide water sanitiser available.

  • Q'SOL


    Q'Sol - a superior washing up liquid also recommended for general cleaning of floors, walls & vehicles.

  • SBT Liquid (Slat, Basket & Tray Wash)

    SBT Liquid (Slat, Basket & Tray Wash)

    S.B.T - Slat, basket and tray wash used for dipping portable equipment.

  • Target Powergel

    Target Powergel

    Target Powergel - animal house cleaning gel with excellent adhesion properties.

  • GP Acid

    GP Acid

    Milkstone Remover and Descaler - Highly active, concentrated liquid for removal of milkstone.

  • Acid-Brite


    Acid-Brite - Organic acid cleaner, gentle on substrates but very strong on milk scales.

  • Multi-Acid


    Multi-Acid - Blended acid detergent/descaler.

  • T.S.R 200

    T.S.R 200

    T.S.R 200 - Concentrated power wash for use with all types of high-pressure power wash machines.


  • Target 25ltr

    Target 25ltr

    Heavy duty alkaline detergent for use in the food processing industry by foam,immersion or manual cleaning from Evans Vanodine.

  • Target Acid Foam

    Target Acid Foam

    Powerful, heavy-duty acidic detergent designed for high pressure washer or through compressed air foaming systems.

  • Vanosan


    Vanosan - Powerful caustic/chloring-based liquid pipeline and DX tank sanitiser.


  • Metron


    Metron - Powerful powder circulation cleaner and bulk tank cleaner.



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