Chick Paper & Card

Chick Paper & Card

Most chicks in the poultry industry are started on chick paper. Chick paper is an ideal way of making lots of feed readily available to chicks. Chick paper with feed on is often rolled out under the nipple lines and as the chicks walk on this a rustling sound is created, this encourages other chicks to the feed and water lines. Chick paper is 100% biodegradeable and breaks down as part of the bedding. Lightweight chick paper degrades within 48 hours.


  • Corrugated Card - 3ft

    Corrugated Card - 3ft

    Corrugated cardboard roll.  For use as a barrier for young chicks under a heater or to line transport crates

  • Corrugated Card - 4ft

    Corrugated Card - 4ft

    Part of our extensive game bird rearing supplies, use this Corrugated Cardboard as a barrier to keep partridge or pheasant chicks under the brooder or as an alternative to chick paper.



  • PAS Chick Paper - Light weight

    PAS Chick Paper - Light weight

    PAS Chick Paper, lightweight

    £24.00 save 25%
  • Intra Chick Paper - Power

    Intra Chick Paper - Power

    Intra Power Chick Paper  - Breaks down in approximately 4-5 days to become part of the bedding so there is no need to remove it.



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