Chick Paper & Card

Chick Paper & Card

Use chick paper to ensure maximum feed and water intake in early stages of development.  The rustling sound encourages other chicks to move to sources of feed and water.


  • Corrugated Card - 3ft

    Corrugated Card - 3ft

    Corrugated cardboard roll.  For use as a barrier for young chicks under a heater or to line transport crates

  • Corrugated Card - 4ft

    Corrugated Card - 4ft

    Part of our extensive game bird rearing supplies, use this Corrugated Cardboard as a barrier to keep partridge or pheasant chicks under the brooder or as an alternative to chick paper.



  • PAS Chick Paper - Light weight

    PAS Chick Paper - Light weight

    PAS Chick Paper, lightweight

    £24.00 save 25%
  • Intra Chick Paper - Power

    Intra Chick Paper - Power

    Intra Power Chick Paper  - Breaks down in approximately 4-5 days to become part of the bedding so there is no need to remove it.



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