Brooders & Brooder Spares

Brooders & Brooder Spares

Heaters, Brooders & Brooder Spares

At Quill Productions we sell a variety of heaters and brooders, suitable for any scale of game bird or poultry rearing.

We offer a range of Gasolec and Cerem Brooders, including the Infraconic, Game and SA brooder models. 

The Gasolec brooders are robust heaters that offer excellent value for money.  The Game 5 Brooder is a high pressure heater, featuring a recently improved filter.  The SA brooders are a low pressure option, available in 2 different sizes.  The SA4 brooder is suitable for about 450 birds and the larger SA8 brooder is suitable for brooder 800-900 birds; this is dependent on weather conditions and the rearing environment.

Infraconic heaters from Cerem are excellent high pressure heaters, that are easy to maintain and clean.  They feature very good thermostats and highly effective foam filters; the Infraconic Brooder would be the heater of choice for rearing partridges.

For rearing small numbers of birds, Infra Red Heaters offer a more economical alternative. These electric lamps eliminate the need for setting up gas supplies and produce a good brooding light. Infra Red Heaters are also ideal for Dog Kennels. 

A selection of gas parts, brooder spares and heater suppliers are also available. 


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